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No New Posts Rules and Info

Here is where you'll find the rules for the RP, as well as a bit of basic info on the setting on the RP. It probably goes without saying that coming here is one of the first things you should do if you're thinking of joining.

Moderator: Akira

Sub-board: Important Events

9 11 Regarding Moves and Abilities
by Akira
Apr 9, 2013 16:39:42 GMT -6
No New Posts Advertising

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33 33 ZapdosZulu: Heart Gold/Soul Silver Pokémon RP
by Professor Oak
Jan 7, 2024 5:01:18 GMT -6
No New Posts Archives

Old, dead threads are laid to rest here.

Sub-boards: Inactive Profiles, Out of Order, IC Threads, Everything Else

1 59 sfskjhdksahd
by Sunstar
Mar 9, 2014 14:06:05 GMT -6

Academy Roster

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No New Posts Academy Registration

Here is where you go to make your character. So long as you read the rules and follow the instructions, there shouldn't be a problem.

4 4 Class List/Signup
by Akira
Mar 16, 2012 13:32:24 GMT -6
No New Posts Academy Records

Profiles that have been accepted shall be moved here.

Sub-boards: Accepted Students, Accepted Staff Members

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No New Posts PC System

Here is where everyone will keep track of their Pokemon, as well as their items.

1 1 Guidelines
by Akira
Feb 26, 2012 20:48:09 GMT -6

Falling Star Academy - Main Building

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No New Posts Pokemon Lab

A lab set up in the main building, which is where the headmistress spends most of her time when she isn't out training or buried in paperwork. For the most part, she spends her time here studying and researching ways to develop the island. These labs are also set up with a machine capable of restoring fossils.

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No New Posts Headmistress' Office

This is where the headmistress of the school can usually be found when she isn't in the lab. The office is incredibly large, allowing multiple people to enter at once. Whenever the headmaster calls a staff meeting, chances are this is where it will be held.

Also worth noting is that the office itself is filled with anime/video game merchandise. Why? Why not?

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No New Posts Staff Housing

Next to the Lab is a row of small houses, where the teachers and staff of the academy live. Each house, though identical on the outside, is custom built to suit each everyone's needs. Unless personally invited or seeking a specific staff member, students are not allowed to hang out in this area. [/blockquote]

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No New Posts Commons Area

A large room where students from different dorms can meet and hang out after classes without having to make the trek back to their dorms. In addition to areas where students can just sit around and chat, there are also a variety of facilities available to them to use as they please.

Sub-boards: Battle Dome, Trading Room, Swimming Pool, Training Area

1 1 Rules for Training
by Akira
Apr 12, 2012 6:31:53 GMT -6
No New Posts PokeMart

Come here for all your Pokemon-related shopping needs. We have everything from Poke Balls and Potions to battle-enhancing items and Mega Stones. All shops here use Trainer Points (TP), which is separate from real money, and earned by doing various activities on the island.

4 19 Ball Shop
by Akira
Feb 17, 2014 23:24:31 GMT -6
No New Posts Breeding Center

Do you wish to breed your Pokemon? Or perhaps you'd like to see if there are any Eggs for sale. Either way, this small lab is set up with everything needed to to breed one's Pokemon. One doesn't even need to be enrolled in the Breeding class to use these facilities.

1 1 Breeding Guidelines
by Akira
May 20, 2013 14:29:40 GMT -6
No New Posts Infirmary

Whether you were injured while out exploring or simply came down with a really nasty cold, this room is where students can rest and/or receive treatment whenever they need it. Usually, a nurse or two is all that's needed to keep the place running, but there is also a doctor that can be called in for more serious cases.

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No New Posts Classroom Hallway

In this hallway is where students can find the classrooms for all of the classes taught at this academy, as well as a few empty classrooms that can be used for studying. Battling is strictly forbidden in this hallway.

Sub-boards: Room 1 - Battle Tactics, Room 2 - Pokemon Cooridination, Room 3 - Pokemon Breeding, Room 4 - Pokemon Technology, Room 5 - Island Navigation, Room 6 - Pokemon History, Empty Rooms, Teacher's Lounge

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No New Posts Club Rooms

Here is where the various clubs will meet, and multiple activities will be held. It's also where to go if you wish to form a club of your own.

1 1 Club Rules and Registration
by Akira
Sept 6, 2013 17:20:01 GMT -6
No New Posts Library

When a student wishes to study, or if they simply want something to read, this area contains a countless number of books, both Pokemon and non-Pokemon related. All we ask is that you keep the noise down to a minimum so that those studying can concentrate.

1 1 Lectures on Boredom (OPEN)
by Deleted
Feb 2, 2014 10:29:23 GMT -6
No New Posts Cafeteria

A massive dining room that is open at all times during the day. Whether you're looking for a quick snack between classes or nice hot meal after a long day of training and/or studying, a surprisingly wide variety of foods is available to the students. Those who elect to take the Cooking class will also report here.

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Northern Area

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No New Posts Air Dorm

One of the six dorms. If you like mountain climbing and vast open fields with wind blowing through them, then this is the dorm for you. The entire dorm has something of a mountain motif, and even sits at the foot of a rather impressive mountain range.

Sub-boards: Living Area, Boy's Side, Girl's Side

2 2 Air Dorm Room Chart (Girls)
by Akira
Jul 20, 2012 2:00:19 GMT -6
No New Posts Celosia Mountain

A huge mountain that sits as the largest location on the island. There is a man-made path that allows for one to easily ascend the mountain, but more adventurous trainers are more than welcome to climb it the hard way. Either way, quite a few Pokemon make their home here, so one will have to be careful regardless of how they choose to explore it.

3 15 Fire Bird [Mod]
by Deleted
Mar 13, 2014 15:50:20 GMT -6
No New Posts Celosia Mines

A deep cave within the mountains that has a strong magnetic resonance, which makes it somewhat difficult to move around if you're not used to it. Not surprisingly, a lot of Electric and Steel Pokemon can be found here.

1 6 Hunt for the Electricity (MOD)
by Deleted
Feb 27, 2014 17:51:11 GMT -6
No New Posts Solidago Field

A vast open field that takes up almost as much of the northern area as the mountains do. There's a lot of grass and a few trees scattered about...and that's about it. It's home to a lot common rodent and bird-like Pokemon, making it a great place for a beginner to catch their first couple Pokemon. Because of this, many travelers have compared it to Kanto's Route 1 or Sinnoh's Route 201.

4 34 [Gym Class 1] Leave Your Laziness at the Door
by Deleted
Mar 6, 2014 16:33:13 GMT -6

Northwestern Area

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No New Posts Water Dorm

One of the six dorms. It sits on the beach and provides a nice view of the ocean, making it perfect for people who love to swim...or simply enjoys long walks on the beach. Has a bit of 'under the sea' motif.

Sub-boards: Living Area, Boy's Side, Girl's Side

2 2 Water Dorm Room Chart (Girls)
by Akira
Jul 20, 2012 2:25:43 GMT -6
No New Posts Lilac Beach

A perfect place to sit back and relax, this expansive beach is quite a beautiful sight to behold. Not only is the water great for swimming in, but there's plenty of space for those who prefer lounging. For unknown reasons, it's sunny all year round, to the point that battles on the beach are always treated as though Sunny Day is in effect.

3 9 let the good times roll ( MOD )
by Deleted
Feb 19, 2014 19:12:36 GMT -6
No New Posts Palisade Lake

This was once a large, beautiful lake with an abundance of fresh, clean water. However, due to an over-abundance of Ice-types living here, both the lake and the immediate area surrounding it have been completely frozen over. Overall, the area has a beautiful yet isolated appearance. Due to the influence of the many Ice-types living here, this area is constantly treated as though it's under the effects of Hail.

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No New Posts Boronia Quagmire

This vast wetland is an absolute nightmare for those who don't want their clothes to get wet and/or dirty. While there aren't many varieties Pokemon here as there are in other places, it's become a popular spot for fans of Poison-types. For those who don't feel up to wading through all of the muck, a large stone path has built, allowing for easy travel through the area. This area is treated as though it's under the effects of Rain Dance.

1 2 Finding new companions (Catching/Mod)
by Akira
Feb 20, 2014 14:03:21 GMT -6

Northeastern Area

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No New Posts Fire Dorm

One of the six Dorms. Sits at the edge of the desert and has an overall flame motif. The dorm itself is air-conditioned very well, so there's no need to worry about it getting too hot, in spite of the outside environment.

Sub-boards: Living Area, Boy's Side, Girl's Side

2 2 Fire Dorm Room Chart (Girls)
by Akira
Jul 20, 2012 2:27:58 GMT -6
No New Posts Amarylis Desert

A vast desert that spans a good chunk of the Northeastern Area. Even during the day, the desert doesn't get as dangerously hot as one might expect. As long as someone is careful, it's usually safe to cross; if nothing else, having a Water or Ice-type Pokemon hand tends to be pretty helpful in keeping cool. This location is often treated as though it's under the effects of the move Sandstorm.

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No New Posts Mt. Pitt

A large inactive volcano. While nowhere near as massive as the Celosia Mountains, this is still a pretty huge place. While scaling the mountain itself is easier said than done due to how extremely hot the surface can get, there are many caves and tunnels near the base that allow one to explore the interior of the volcano while remaining relatively safe..so long as they don't go too far in.

Sub-board: Pitt Springs

1 9 Soaking Your Troubles Away (Katsumi/Open)
by Deleted
Feb 18, 2014 3:46:22 GMT -6
No New Posts Foxglove Caverns

A series of caves located near (but ultimately not connected to) Mt Pitt, There are a vast number of tunnels located inside, with many of them leading to large chambers. Aside from wild Pokemon, there's not much to be found here, but it can still be a lot of fun for the adventurous type.

Sub-board: Ancient Cave

6 27 Discovering the dragon
by Akira
Mar 1, 2014 19:29:23 GMT -6

Southeastern Area

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No New Posts Wood Dorm

One of the six Dorms. Surrounded by trees on all sides, this dorm is perfect for anyone who loves nature. Has a forest motif, and, despite being built mostly out of wood, it is well protected from the elements, as well as wild Pokemon.

Sub-boards: Living Area, Boy's Side, Girl's Side

2 2 Wood Dorm Room Chart (Girls)
by Akira
Oct 17, 2013 1:52:30 GMT -6
No New Posts Hyacinth Forest

Surrounding the dorm, this deep forest is often nicknamed "The Mystical Forest" by those who live near it, due to the large presence of Fairy-type Pokemon living inside it. Most notably, a thick mist permeates throughout the entire area; while it's not difficult to see through, it does give the whole place a fairy tale-like feeling, lending to its nickname. As a result of this mist, this area is constantly treated as though it's under the effects of Misty Terrain

Sub-board: Berry Grove

5 10 I See Leaves of Green (Mod)
by Akira
Feb 18, 2014 0:02:53 GMT -6
No New Posts Cleome Lake

A large lake that sits near the edge of the forest, connected to a series of rivers that run throughout the island. The water is very fresh and clean, making it great for stopping to get a drink or wash yourself off. A lot of Pokemon gather here, either to swim in the lake itself or to get a refreshing drink from one of the rivers its connected to.

1 4 Aquatic Research[MOD]
by Deleted
Feb 16, 2014 14:17:33 GMT -6
No New Posts Aloe Cemetary

It doesn't happen often, but, once in a while, there's an accident that takes the life of someone on the island. They are laid to rest here. The graves are well maintained, and there are surprisingly very few ghosts or Ghost Pokemon wandering the area, much to the surprise of many. That said, a variety of wild Pokemon of other types are known to wander through every now and then.

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Southwestern Area

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No New Posts Void Dorm

One of the five dorms. It sits near some ruins and, overall, as something of a supernatural motif to it. Superstitious students are advised against choosing this dorm. Lovers of the occult, on the other hand, will feel right at home.

Sub-boards: Living Area, Boy's Side, Girl's Side

2 2 Void Dorm Room Chart (Girls)
by Akira
Jul 20, 2012 2:33:13 GMT -6
No New Posts Alpina Ruins

The ruins of a massive temple, which seems to be at least twenty times bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. Though the ruins themselves aren't dangerous, it's easy to get lost. Therefore, please exercise caution when exploring them. There is also an eerie supernatural feeling that permeates the entire area; as a result, the area is always under the effects of Psychic Terrain

by Akira
Feb 11, 2014 20:47:38 GMT -6
No New Posts Caspia Jungle

A massive jungle in the southwest area. The tropical atmosphere can be quite relaxing, and the wide variety of plantlife and Grass-type Pokemon makes it a paradise for anyone who loves plants. Due to the incredibly thick vegetation, this area is always under the effects of Grassy Terrain

2 6 Where the heck am I? (Catch Thread/ Mod)
by Deleted
Mar 12, 2014 19:08:46 GMT -6
No New Posts Rose Mansion

No one, not even the Headmistress herself, is entirely sure where this large mansion came from or who lived in it. All anyone knows is that it was already there when the land was purchased, and it's most definitely haunted. Attempts were made to have the mansion torn down, all of which were thwarted by the mischievous spirits who live inside. As such, it remains standing where it was found, shrouded in mystery.

1 2 Nothing But A Thing(Invite)
by Deleted
Jan 20, 2014 5:10:43 GMT -6

Southern Area

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No New Posts Earth Dorm

One of the six Dorms. Sitting at the end of of large, craggy field, this dorm is mostly built out of stone. And yet, many find that it is surprisingly comfortable.

Sub-boards: Living Area, Boy's Side, Girl's Side

2 2 Earth Dorm Room Chart (Girls)
by Akira
Jul 20, 2012 2:29:33 GMT -6
No New Posts Watsonia Fields

Initially, this area doesn't seem a whole lot different from the Solidago Fields. However, the deeper in you go, the more noticeable the difference. Namely, the grass is a bit thicker, and the area is incredibly craggy, with rocks protruding from the ground in pretty much every direction. These rugged fields are full of energetic Pokemon who love to run, jump and climb around.

1 5 Intro Belated (Akira, Possible battle thread)
by Deleted
Feb 19, 2014 20:31:45 GMT -6
No New Posts Kordylia Fishing Hole

Located in the center of Watsonia Fields, this huge lake is filled with all kinds of fish-like Pokemon, making it the perfect place any aspiring Water-type specialists to add to their collection. Luckily, the academy will loan a fishing rod to anyone who wants to come here, free of charge. So feel free to fish to your heart's content.

2 12 Straightforward [Mod]
by Deleted
Feb 3, 2014 20:59:05 GMT -6
No New Posts Verbena Plains

This area, making up a large portion of the southwest area, seems to be locked in constant thunderstorms. There are multiple huge towers erected that act as lightning rods to prevent any lightning from striking the ground, so, as long as you don't do something incredibly stupid like try to climb said towers, there's no need to worry about getting struck by lightning. Unsurprisingly, a lot of Electric-types can be found here. Due to the presence of the lightning towers, the air around here seems to constantly be electrically-charged; as a result, it is always treated as though it's under the effects of Electric Terrain.

2 15 Your Spark is Buggin' Me [Mod]
by Deleted
Feb 19, 2014 20:20:19 GMT -6

Other Areas

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No New Posts Snapdragon Caverns

Deep caverns that sits inside of a large cliff-side. Nicknamed the "Dragons Den", it lives up to this name due to an abundance of Dragon-type (or otherwise dragon-like) Pokemon living inside.

However, the cliff is incredibly steep, and attempting to climb it be dangerous for a Pokemon who hasn't been specifically trained for it. As such, in order access this area, a student must obtain a Druddigon Pass.

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No New Posts Moon Lily Temple

Sitting on a small plot of land somewhat far off the coast of the island, this massive temple was once used to worship some sort of deity; some also suspect it may have been a legendary Pokemon. Either way, no one's been able to find anything concrete.

A mysterious vortex of psychic energy makes it impossible to approach from the air. As such, it must be approached from the sea. However, due to strong currents and its distance from the island itself, even beginning to approach the temple requires intense training. As such, a student must obtain a Sharpedo Pass if they wish to make their way to this temple.

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No New Posts Celosia Peaks

The summit of the Celosia Mountains, which is surprisingly vast. A lot of Pokemon make their home in this high-up place, and, shockingly enough, it's not just Flying-types up here.

That said, the peaks are too high up to be reached by climbing, making it necessary to fly up. However, due to strong air currents that require very specific training to navigate, any students wanting to come up here must obtain a Corviknight Pass.

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